Rashid Hospital’s Department of Pediatrics treats children from infancy up to adolescence and offers educational programs for parents about their child’s health and development. Our pediatricians work closely with colleagues across all disciplines to ensure children are provided with optimal care.

Conditions we treat:

• Acute conditions and illnesses
• Chicken pox
• Childhood anemia
• Colds and coughs
• Injury
• Infectious diseases
• Urination troubles in children, including enuresis

Services Offered:

• Developmental counseling
• Diagnosis, management and treatment of allergies (including eczema), atopic diseases and asthma
• Diagnosis, management and treatment of pediatric gastrointestinal conditions, including malabsorption, Celiac disease, chronic diarrhea and chronic constipation
• Diagnosis, management and treatment of rickets (Vitamin D deficiency)
• Routine child and infant care, including school and sports physicals
• Vaccinations and immunizations, including those for international travel
• Visiting physician program with Children's National Medical Center, USA
• Weight management and nutritional counseling for overweight and obese children

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