Rashid Hospital’s Department of Anesthesia works closely with our o surgeons to provide in-patients with world-class care. Our team provides pre-surgical consultations to discuss any medical issues that might impact anesthesia, the different types of anesthesia available and post-operative pain management. Post-surgery, your anesthesiologist and surgeon will help you to manage your pain and recommend a stay in our recovery room (PACU) or the intensive care unit (ICU).

Types of Anesthesia:

  • General
  • Local
  • Nerve Block/Plexus Block
  • Neuroaxial (Epidural/Spinal/Combined Spinal-Epidural)
  • Sedation

Post-surgical pain treatment:

  • Continuous local anesthesia infiltration via catheter directly into the surgical site, perineural or in the epidural site
  • Patient-controlled analgesia, in which the patient gives himself the analgesics whenever demanded just by pressing a button
  • Round the clock and/or as needed analgesics (either orally or intravenously)
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